Turbines & Logistics

TSA collectively has a vast amount of experience over a varied range of turbines from small frame to large, inclusive of gas fired and steam type turbine generators. This experience extends from installation, emergency and scheduled maintenance to commissioning.

The logistics associated with the industry are extremely broad by nature given the various OEM plant and equipment utilised in today’s market place, this along with the individual asset owner site operation requirements, demands a careful and informed process be applied by TSA.

With the introduction of lateral thinking and a practical approach to client based communications TSA has developed various systems to work capturing and managing both client and OEM requirements to execute works as required.

Examples of Logistical Considerations:

  • Location of Plant (Remote/Region etc.)
  • Special Tooling Requirements (OEM)
  • Site based operational Requirements
  • Site Based Tooling Requirements
  • Site Specific Training
  • Cranage
  • Freight
  • Mob and Demob Logistics
  • Local Resources Available
  • Client based Plant specific Field Service and Technical experience requirements
  • Spare Part/Component Inventory and Availability
  • Local Engineering/Machining Capabilities
  • Plant Specific Coded Welding and Repair Capabilities

These are some of the areas reviewed while formalising the logistical requirements of any given client and the outage to be undertaken.

Our core business, the provision of field services in the various disciplines as required by any given client, is inclusive of maintenance management options such as systems to work, project scheduling, plant, equipment, logistics, site specific risk assessment and trained field service personnel.

These options allow for the introduction of safe, effective and seamless maintenance strategies to any inspection catering for both the balance of plant, and asset based rotating equipment.

Site tooling can be provided and transported to the client upon request.

All tooling is regularly inspected, serviced and where required calibrated to NATA Certification.