Over 30 Years of experience in the installation, maintenance and commissioning of Gas Turbines & Gas Compressors in on shore and off shore situations and Steam Turbines.

Early corporate experience in project management inclusive of financial budgeting and using systematic work processes provided a good foundation for establishing TSA. This experience developed the principles that govern how TSA operates.


15 Years in the Power Industry ranging from performing operation & maintenance on Gas Turbines, project managing outages and managing a power station provides a broad range of skills to not only manage TSA, but enables him to understand the issues the client faces when planning and budgeting for outages.

The time in the Power Industry coupled with another 15 years in process plants as Mechanical Operator Maintainer and Supervisor has rounded the trouble shooting and people management skills. Over 30 years in heavy industry has also provided broad exposure to industrial accidents, safety systems and ultimately a personal drive for Zero Harm.

Shift Coordinators

Our team of Shift Coordinators are key to the success of TSA outages through ensuring the appropriate implementation of our safe work systems. Their experience across a range of gas and steam turbines including generators has them well respected by their crews and clients alike. As industry and safety standards have evolved these guys have continued to grow with the changes, keeping TSA at the forefront of turbine maintenance.

Logistics Coordinator

He has been with the company from the beginning and with his experience in property management has been relentless in the control of tooling and consumable use and maintenance. As an advanced rigger and crane operator of TSA’s 50t Tadano crane his experience in rotating equipment maintenance is invaluable for ensuring the safety and precision of critical lifts.

Shift Coordinator

He has worked for TSA for 10 years, starting out as a field technician. He has since added other skills such as advanced rigger and been promoted to shift coordinator. He has natural leadership characteristics hence his promotion and is well respected by his crew and clients.


With 12 years in Banking finance and management and 20 years of small business development and administration, he is pivotal in the everyday operations of TSA and financial matters.

He also keeps the business wheels turning addressing the financial requirements of invoicing, paying wages, insurance matters and being the face of TSA during enquiries.


Administrative assistant and small business development enhanced with training in OHS.

Her main focus is maintaining the OHSMS in certification which is the backbone of TSA work systems. She also key to the development & compliance management of the OHSMS liaising with the Operational team to ensure they are aware of changes in legislation, standards and best practice methodology.

Field Technicians

TSA Field technicians are employed during outages with most of the crew members having been with TSA in excess of 10 years. Therefore have developed a high level of experience on the types of equipment, TSA work systems and just as importantly the client’s site rules and expectations. New field technicians are generally identified by key people through work experience on other sites and interviewed to confirm suitability for the TSA required skills and team fit.