Leaman Enterprises Pty Ltd was established in February of 1996. The original business plan was to provide supervision with middle management capabilities in the field of rotating equipment maintenance, to support the ever growing rotating equipment industry within Western Australia.

Now trading as Turbine Services Australia (TSA) the company has steadily progressed and developed to the stage where TSA can now provide quality and professional gas turbine personnel to cover a multi disciplined range of customer requirements Australasia wide.

It is with the support and commitment of these personnel that the founding base for Turbine Services Australia was formed.

Management strategies have been developed and implemented with this founding base in mind, thereby giving all personnel an input into the development and direction taken by Turbine Services Australia and to ensure retention and solidarity of our key highly experienced and skilled personnel.

By providing ownership to key company personnel we realize tangible benefits in both productivity and a commitment to common goals. This resulting in the development of a culture and environment that all parties concerned, both client and company based can develop and draw upon for their mutual benefit.

A history over some years exists between management and personnel within the company enabling the building and development of safe work practices, integrity, quality and a commitment to the industry in the fields of construction and maintenance of rotating equipment.

It is the collective experience of all TSA personnel, gained within the field of rotating equipment both in Australia and Asia that assures the highest standard of personnel is made available to the client.